Wednesday, 15 October 2014


This is an image of Ariana Grande on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. This image appears to have the ideologies of how a woman should look. To be able to be a 'good-looking' woman you have to look a certain way and that is this way. You have to wear revealing clothing and have most of your skin showing. you also have to be skinny, toned and have tanned sin and long hair. You should probably also wear a lot of make-up and hair extensions. This is what is seen as he ideal woman. 

This is a gif from the show 'Two Broke Girls" The quote is said by Kat Dennings and basically says that media is what causes people to have an image of an ideal womb. The media sets ideologies for society that people idolize and aspire to be. This is wrong to do but it happens daily and the media promotes it. The media effects society. On the cover of magazines there are always skinny women who are what people look p to which gives society the ideology that if you want to fit in to society the you have to look like that. 

this image says that 'This is not a pipe" and that is true. This is not a pipe but a picture of a pipe. This can but into ideologies terms. Things aren't always what they seem. People aspire to be reach and some people just want fame and fortune but money doesn't make you happy. You may seem happy but it doesn't mean you are. Things aren't always what they seem but the media doesn't promote this. Th media promotes what they want people to look like or act like and people feel like the ave to do that to fit into society but that's really not the case. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Global Audiences: A new digital landscape

convergence - different types of media integrating into one.

Web Generations

Web 1.0 (dot com) (commerce)
Only contains text/graphics, images and other multimedia files, hyperlinks and used to navigate between them. Lack of context, interaction scalability and no user data available

Web 2.0 (people)
Focuses on power of community and was information sharing with social media. User-generated content in a virtual community, search for information through key-words and make user data available. Sites, mashups, web applications, hosted services and wikis.

Web 3.0 (Sematic web)
Web 3.0 will make simple tasks easier and faster. Instead of typing in multiples searches you may type in a few key words in your browser, and the web will respond, search the internet for possible answers and then organise the results for you. It will also act like a personal assistant. It will remember your likes and dislikes and will bring up results relating to them. The more your browser learns about you the less specific you'll need to be with your search.

'The question that needs to be answered is: do new media forms produce both distinctively different 'content' and 'audiences' when compared to their processers.
- Marshall (2004)


Any representation is a mixture of:
  • The thing itself
  • The opinions of the people doing the representation
  • The reaction of the individual to the representation
  • The context of the society in which the representation is taking place
Many representations are based on stereotypes.

The American Film Industry

The American Film Industry developed between 1895 and 1930. During this time the emerging industry developed into and important popular medium, organised into clearly defined exhibition, and distribution elements.

1930-1949 - American Film Studio Era

By 1930 the American film industry was dominated by five companies. These were know as the 'BIG FIVE':
  • MGM
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Warner Brothers
  • A Paramount Picture
  • RKO
All five of these were vertically integrated.

Where a company is organised so that it oversees a product from the planning/development stage, through production, to marketing, and distribution, through to the consumer.

During the studio Era the Big Five owned the production studios, the distribution companies and most of the cinemas in the US but this is now seen as illegal.

Production Studio

In 1949 studios were forced to sell off the cinema chains that they owned by the US government, after a court ruling that their practices were monopolistic. The American film industry decilined further in the 1950's due to the rise of television

Big Six
  • Warner Brothers Production
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Columbia Pictures/sony
  • Walt Disney/Touchstone
  • Universal Studios

Wow Factor
  • colour films
  • widescreen
  • stereo sound
  • epic genres
  • spectacle
  • 3D
  • Gimmicks

Ideologies and Values

Ideology means a set of values, beliefs and ideas that guide our lives. An example of an ideology is that everyone should look the same to fit in and become ideal.

Hegemony is a dominant ideology. These effect our everyday lives and are what people know as the 'norm'. Katie Price could be seen as a hegemony. She is stereotypically know as the perfect women who many people look up to but this is beginning to change. Society now seems to be going from Katie Price as the ideal woman

to someone like Jennifer Lawrence as the ideal woman.

These women are the ones who people look up to and see as what they should look like. This can either be good or bad.
Cultural Effects model
  • the media is heavily influenced by the dominant and most powerful groups in society.
  • mass media gradually influences the audience over a period of time.
  • forms stereotypes
  • power of the dominant class to influence
  • media audiences are not passive absorbers of media messages
  • don't always have the same effect on media audiences
  • influence in shaping peoples views on the world.
For example: The nuclear family is know as a stereotype. This is an hegemony. A Nuclear family (2 parents and a child/children) is what many people want to have in their lives and aim to achieve. This is because this is an ideology of the perfect family and if you have this specific type of family your life will be amazing and if not then your life could be better. This is definitely not the case but this is the message that the media portrays and this is what people want to achieve so they can 'fit in'.
Hegemonic values
  • Education
  • Able bodied
  • 25 - 65
  • White?
  • City/Urban
  • Attractive
  • Heterosexuality?
The ideologies of society is that it is falling apart.
TV Sitcoms show how ideologies can change over time.

Mise-en-scene: Photoshop

This image looks like a peaceful environment that appears to have no dangers in it. in the image you can see a young girl is sitting on the beach, next to a bucket and spade, wearing appropriate clothing. you can see a dog running into the sea to enjoy the refreshing water. I used photoshop to create this image.